Hello world!

Welcome to StargazingNetwork.WordPress.com and hopefully we can utilize this blog site to keep a good communication between us and the rest of the stargazing.net website owners.

~ by chuenwe on March 30, 2008.

12 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Interesting website. Would you ever post again?

  2. Well, each webpage under stargazing.net are operated under each of the owners. You’d have to ask them. 😀

  3. Really sorry to hear about the website being hacked – especially as it was a good source of material. I have a web archive of the keplar/ellipse.html page text and images if you want them. Others may have taken complete copy of your web site so it might be worth asking around on the internet.

  4. can i get the content of the Late site
    (dot)stargazing(dot)net kepler altaz(dot)html

  5. I found an internet archive here:


  6. From the archive, the also found a zip file containing his entire website as well. I have restored his site back to the original location now: http://www.stargazing.net/kepler/

  7. I want to know more about the star and degree of Mirach 29 degrees

  8. I am a novice & belong to no clubs but my friend recommended this site as a good place to visit in my quest, Do you have a referral of another good site to do the same?

  9. I found it odd that so few people visit here … as so many people enjoy stargazing. http://stars2012.com Rowan – A Painter of Dreams – Come and visit my site – as my wife and I work to re-create the vision of the night time stars that you enjoy seeing in your family bedroom.

  10. It looks like it has been 4 or 5 years since there has been any kind of activity here. Would you the author – administrator consider a domain transfer to me – so that I could work to build content again? http://stars2012.com Rowan – A Painter of Dreams – — Call 304 581-4051 — Leave contact message only – so I can return your call. I do not even know that anyone will see this message here. …

  11. This blog is dead, but the actual stargazing.net site is live and well. I haven’t updated the stargazing.net main page ever since a hacker wiped our entire server. But quite a few stargazing.net sub site owners are regional astronomy clubs and they’ve never given up. They still actively updating their site every week and every month.

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